Our Services


  • Annual AGM Preparation, Notification and Attendance
  • Insurance Review and Placement
  • Maintain Corporation Files
  • Bylaw Enforcement
  • Site Inspections


  • Owner & Board Correspondence
  • Participate in Board Meetings
  • Assist in Resolving Owner Complaints and/or Concerns
  • Board Meeting Agendas
  • Distribution of Material

Building Maintenance

  • Implement Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Hiring & Supervising Trades, Contractors, Corporation Employees
  • Prepare Condominium Documents & Estoppel Certificates
  • 24 Hour Assistance


  • Ensuring Building Meets Fire Code
  • Annual Inspections
  • Ensure Proper Emergency Plans are in Place
  • Proper Documentation is Maintained and Kept on Site (i.e. Monthly Inspection Sheets & Emergency Plan)

24/7 Customer Service

  • 24 Hour Assistance
  • Emergency Response
  • Owners Portal

Worry Free Building Management

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